The utensils and the Moroccan kitchen accessories

Moroccan cuisine is a story of long simmered dishes, complex pastries, prelude to convivial moments unique, rooted in memories. To succeed the preparation and staging of these party dishes, nothing should be overlooked, either in the kitchen or table service you want radiant. That's why Moroccan Tagine offers you a selection of the main kitchen accessories.


The essential heat diffuser

Handmade terracotta, tajines are dishes that support high temperatures subject to a rise in progressive heat from a fireplace as soft as embers of a kanoun. To render this mode of cooking on our electric or gas cooker, preferred the lower power, as close to the point of extinction for the flame of the gas. The downside is the extreme concentration of heat on a small circle, which is inadequate for a dish terracotta. To protect the bottom of the Tagine, it is recommended to use a heat diffuser, which is a metal disc which will ensure the homogeneity of the temperature of the background by avoiding the concentration of hotspots where pottery inevitably ends by themselves crack and food by hanging.


The kitchen equipment

Representative of the Oriental cuisine, Moroccan preparations make great use of spices including cumin, saffron and ginger. Have spices on hand assumes a minimum of organization and the triple tajines and Spice carousel are precious allies to save time.

To go to the end of the Moroccan kitchen, use preferably the ladles and spoons of lemon tree wooden to perform its mixtures, it equip sieves for filtering flour and cookie cutters to shape many pastries and puffs. Mortars, skewers, below flat and flat copper, are also required in most of the Moroccan recipes.


Our utensils and kitchen accessories contribute to the minutiae of Moroccan food that codifies rigorously handling and cooking of the ingredients for the most exquisite flavors association.


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