The secret of tajines

About the Tagine, the first idea that comes to mind relates to the tasty culinary speciality that comes from Morocco. Gold, the Tagine, also written Taginerelates primarily to the baking dish. Of Berber origin, the word derives from the Greek teganon that means the terracota, the frying pan. The Berbers have made an iconic dish, enthroned in the forefront of kitchen utensils, as well as a decorative object for the service, sometimes seam of enamels and true art object. Our range of traditional tagines terracotta comes from a homemade by hand, before all designed to achieve this typical dish of the East.


Terracotta, a natural taste serving material

Tajines designed for slow cooking on brasero are traditionally made clay and are resistant to high temperatures. A few precautions are observed depending on whether it is a Tagine in gross or terracotta, glazed or enamelled terracotta.

A Tagine raw terracotta must soak a few hours in cold water before the first use. It should then be to coat it with oil and heat for one hour over low heat low to impregnate it. It is then ready to make all the benefits of a natural, and slow cooking without adding fat.

For his interview, no detergent, just rinse it with water with a soft brush and let it air dry.

In addition to something more aesthetic and decorative, the advantage of a glazed Tagine is terracotta waterproofing, which facilitates its cleaning and maintenance. Finely decorated, these tagines are used as well to cooking to the table service. Primarily intended for food, their motives paint is lead-free.

He shouldn't be confused with tajines often more responsible and very colorful patterns reserved service or decoration but that cannot withstand the heat.


Ancestral cooking to the stifled

A Tagine simply consists of a round and hollow dish that receives food on his thick bottom and a conical lid that promotes concentration and the association of flavors.

If the Tagine is to cook to the hushed during long hours on a fire very soft, a little quarrel exists between those who believe that the cover must be perfectly airtight and those who cling to the tradition of a pierced so that cone excess steam to escape. For the peace of families, Moroccan Tagine offers two models.


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