On purchases TAKE place safely. We chose the international standardized solutions. We offer 3 methods of payment.


The Bank transfer It is of an international United Nations national UO in the transfer account to another. It is a simple and safe Operation between 2 banks. You will find attached en of banking of our details you end of ordering process.

2. PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD use the online payment solution CM - CIC p@iement you banking group Credit mutual CIC.  PCI DSS solutions, it guarantees the security of electronic agate with credit cards / visa and EuroCard/Mastercard. The card number is SIBI on a secure page hosted on the website of the Bank using process of UN encoding (SSL technology). During the transaction and transfers on the internet the Impossible to read encrypted bank numbers are

"Since 2008, this solution using the new standards.Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode"and on the audit of a known deposit only holder transaction problems away from the card. In addition to safety with the cryptogram, depending on your bank, you will be asked to enter a personal code that does not appear on your map: code secret of six characters or code sent to sms random normal from your bank.


If you have a PayPal account, you buy directly from Without driving your banking dataWith a PayPal account you use only: Your email address and pass your Word of.


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