Oils and organic spices

The Moroccan kitchen accepts no compromise on the quality of the products. Move especially in Fez to get the purest olive oil, in Agadir argan oil and we swear by organic saffron of Taliouine. In these areas of organic, these trees and flowers grow in perfect harmony with their environment, without the need of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Moroccan Tagine offers you to discover these unique products.


Organic saffron

Of worldwide fame, it's Taliouine are harvested by hand this dark red saffron, of a higher quality. Its colouring power is between 228 and 240%, when the Saffron to Iran, the first producer in the world, does not exceed the 160%.

Saffron is the long three red stigmas of the crocus flower grown in full sunlight, on drained soil, argilo calcareous and rich in organic matter. But the crocus sativus is delicate: to flourish it needs wet, cold winters and hot summers of 30 to 40 °. Cold? I.e. 15 ° at the lowest.

The saffron harvest takes place over one month, from mid-October to mid-November, the survey of the day before the Sun fades the stigma. Daily picking mobilizes a broad labor charge to collect the pistils by hand and explains the highs reached by the price of organic saffron. A kilo of dry filaments, only to get no less than 150 000-230 000 flowers. But 1 gram of Saffron is enough to perfume more than 60 plates. It will then keep away from air and light. Wanted for its digestive properties, organic Saffron is a source of vitamin B12 and provitamin-A.



Organic argan oil

Known for its incomparable taste, argan oil is extracted from affiaches, yellow and fusiform of the argan fruit, a tree endemic to the Morocco, which naturally boise the plain of the Souss and wild.

The production of argan oil is the result of artisanal work entrusted to women: the nuts of the argan tree are first crushed and peeled manually to collect the almonds. Before being crushed and filtered, almonds are roasted to produce the gourmet oil, unlike the manufacture of cosmetic oil. A litre of argan oil, to get almost 3 kg of kernels from 40 kilos of fruit.

Organic argan oil, 1era pressure when cold, is a Virgin oil which has antioxidant properties and anti-cholesterol thanks to its superior richness in vitamin E and omega 6.

It is used preferably cooked sparingly to enhance a dish and is often consumed raw in the seasonings. Toasted almond and hazelnut aromas create a sensation with cinnamon, dates and honey.


Organic olive oil

Used in Mediterranean cuisine since ancient times, there are more benefits of olive oil Virgin, both on the dietary plan that taste. She provides contributions in vitamins E, A and provitamin A, which earned him to be a symbol of youth. In terms of taste, its many fruity flavors, its various degrees of sweetness and bitterness, its intensity according to the varieties of olives would require about olive oil in the plural.

In Morocco, Fez-Meknes region shines with its lovely golden hues Virgin olive oil and taste tangy and ardent. The Moroccan picholine is also grown in the region of Marrakech-Essaouira to Safi and gives a smooth oil with balanced aromas.

Ranked among the best wines in the world, Moroccan olive oil is an extra virgin oil produced from organic farming. Hand-picked, the olives are quickly made to the mill for their detritage before any oxidation of the fruit. The oil is obtained after the first pressing cold, without any chemical transformation.


Many other products which are used in dishes, such as honey or orange flower come from organic and traditional agriculture. Beyond the attention given to the quality of the ingredients, it's a matter of purity, a criterion of distinction to the Morocco.


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