A selection of colorful tajines to spices

Original way to spices to table, tajines double or triple by Moroccan Tagine spices are ideally as an appetizer to serve olives, dry, Supreme and candied fruit. Their aesthetic line is an ancestral tradition of Arts and crafts.


Eastern aesthetics of tajines to spices

Very decorative, small tajines to spices take the form of tajines associated by two or three. Moroccan handicrafts products, they are made of pottery, enamelled, easy maintenance, but not intended to cook the food.

They highlight food preparations or simply the spices by their bright colors and their stainless silver metal ornaments.

Turquoise, Emerald, orange, green olive, Burgundy, black, gray or white, double or triple tajines to spices brighten your tables and bring the finishing touch to all your moods.


A hand manufacturing

Our tagines in spices are manufactured, painted and decorated with handmade terracotta pots. This ancestral know-how, we notice the glossy appearance of colors from of the double firing. Plant-based paint, lead-free, suitable for food use of these tagines in spices.

For some time, are in vogue the railway pottery, an innovation in the Moroccan craft which has always adapted to the decorative trends without ever compromising the traditional art of the Moroccan decoration. This new trend is rendered in our tagines crimped spice of chiseled silver metal. So stylized, these tagines double or triple attest to the creativity of Moroccan, concerned craft of elegance and character of its table accessories.


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